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ATA-DC Announces 2017 Board Election Results

Board of Directors 2017


Dear ATA-DC Members and Friends:

ATA-DC Board of Directors are pleased to announce the 2017 election results. We are delighted to welcome new board members and grateful to returning members for their continued support.

Election Outcome

Hande Ayan

Kenneth E. Joholske

Continuing Board Members:

Hayri Berberoğlu
Demet Cabbar
Gizem Şalcigil White
Serpil Gülşen
Pınar Güvenir
Zeynep Kalkay
Zeynep Kocabal

New Board Members:

Gizem Korkmaz
Kevin Hüsnü Yılmaz

Thank you for supporting ATA-DC and stay tuned for the 6th Turkish Heritage Month in September organized by our all-volunteer team!

Warm regards,

ATA-DC Election Committee